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Feeling Gratitude


But I also feel gratitude. 感谢那些在我之前建立和维持这个令人惊叹的学校社区的人. 感谢老师和工作人员孜孜不倦地创造了这样一个特殊的氛围. 感谢把孩子托付给我们照顾的父母. 感谢有机会在这个安全、美丽的角落生活和工作.

Finally, I am grateful for the students. 我每天都在一个充满年轻活力、希望和乐观的环境中工作. True, sometimes that energy is a lot to manage! 但是来到ManBet手机客户端的学生都很高兴来到这里. 他们很高兴在小班学习,并与老师和同学建立关系. 他们可能会为第一次体验登机或参加从未尝试过的运动而感到兴奋. They might even be excited about Canadian winter! (And they should be!)

然而,我们所有的学生都有一个共同点,那就是他们对自己的未来感到兴奋. And it is our mission to guide them towards it, 即为学生提供结构化和丰富的教育经验,为他们在大学及以后的成功奠定基础.

I’m grateful (and excited!) to be a part of that mission. 亲眼看到ManBet手机客户端给他们的生活带来了怎样的改变,真是太棒了. And the beauty of it is: our students are grateful in return! It all comes back.

最后感谢你对ManBet手机客户端感兴趣. Explore our website, visit our school, talk to our Admissions team, and consider becoming a part of our Stanstead College community. You’ll be thankful you did!
    • Joanne Carruthers, Head of School