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作者:fastlix Fortier, 12年级
As this school year draws to a close and I slowly prepare to leave 边境上大学 as a young adult, 我发现自己在反思我在这里的经历. It is my hope that this speech will enlighten those who will remain here next year as to how they can approach their responsibilities in welcoming the new students next year and in the next 150 years to come.

当我第一次注册ManBet手机客户端的时候, 我对寄宿学校有了一些了解, 和父母一起参加了几次演讲. 然而,等待我的仍然是不确定的. 一到学校, I discovered that Stanstead was located in a remote town near the US border and had a relatively small student body.

I also learned that the academic and athletic programs were challenging and among the best in Quebec or Canada. 作为一个法语背景的人, 我知道我必须每天做出重大调整. 虽然我不知道我的老师是谁, 同学们, 队友或者室友都可以, 我渴望从学校开始我的旅程.

在开学前的几个星期里, 我和家人准备好了我需要的一切, 从校服到书籍和个人物品. As I departed for the College, I experienced some nervousness and positive anxiety.

I remember on my first evening spent at Davis House hearing in the hallways a house director screaming, “旅游! 上床睡觉!”

是的,那一刻我真的很害怕,不知道那个人是谁? 还有我在这里做的事? 但我不知道,我将成为如此亲密的先生. 马里诺. He is just one of the many members of the faculty who made my experience at Stanstead one to remember.

Looking back, I realize how fast time goes by and how much we evolve over time. 这一流行病在许多层面上影响了我们所有人, but I believe the word "resilient" accurately describes all of us standing here today.

Despite the challenges, I was able to integrate quickly into the 边境上大学 community. I learned the rules, expectations and schedules for school, lunch, sports, study periods and curfews.

此外,我还认识了学校的教职工、老师、学生和工作人员. The school taught me about protocol and the importance of preserving traditions. 作为独生子, I was pleasantly surprised by how easily I formed bonds with the people at the school, 谁就像我的第二个家人. I care about each and every one of them and can say with certainty that they are the essential layer of what makes this school so unique and special.

不管我们的背景如何, 优点或缺点, 我开始尊重这个社区的每一个成员. I have witnessed the personal commitments of many students to make everyone's experience at 边境上大学 memorable.

I learned the valuable lesson that a collective effort involves both giving and receiving, 两者缺一不可. 约翰·F. Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.我相信这句话适用于我在ManBet手机客户端的经历.

在接下来的150年里, I would suggest that future students entering these walls for the first time ask themselves, “不要问ManBet手机客户端能为你做些什么, 问问你能为ManBet手机客户端做些什么.通过这样做, they will allow themselves the best years of their lives and a lifelong sense of community.

最后,我想说“谢谢你”。. 感谢ManBet手机客户端的全体师生张开双臂欢迎我. 我把你们所有人都视为我的队友,留给你们一个团结的号召, “曾经是斯巴达人, 永远是斯巴达人!"